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Autosound 2000 Test CDs

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Any comments on them? Good, Bad? Especially CD #102 and #104?
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I just uploaded Monster's Jazz test CD -

Looks like they only make the file available for a pre-set # of downloads, and the link expires after 7 days. :(

It's encoded @ 320K (mp3), and I do agree that only a lossless copy should be used with high-end audio system testing, but this will give you a chance to hear the tracks at a high enough resolution to make the determination to purchase a copy or not.

I also have Monster's Blues CD, the Sheffield Jazz Experience (highly sought after on, and Sheffield 'Prime Cuts' I and II. All of them are great for testing - especially the Sheffield Jazz Experience.
If anyone is interested in getting the actual CDs on sale, look here: its he and Richard Clark who put these together, along with Sheffield Labs.
Doh! I was at work and started downloading them. But the connection there keeps droping. At home now, but The links don't work any more. Is there anyway you can still pass those files on to me?

i believe the autosound CD was not in mp3 format since the DL was huge. (400 mb) and was a total of 700mb in wavs. I assume that someone isnt dumb enuf to convert to mp3 and back to wav of course.
The 400mb file was 3 cd's in one download. The autosound 102 disc was 290 or 170.

That bermester sampler wasn't to bad, I'm gonna pick up a few of those.
Someone should put these back up so I can download em. :)
Anyone know where I can find these? :D
I've got all 4 of these CD's too. I just put up the Alpine test CD a week or so ago. Do I need to do these as well?
Yes please!
Anyone know where I can find these? :D
Contact Mark Eldridge, he has the discs and the tech briefs for sale ;)
I have 5 and 6 right now. In the process of getting the other 4. :D
Contacting him right now. What do you mean by tech briefs?
I wish they would sell this book in PDF format.

Just shipping to me would be U$45-50. :/
Looking to buy this CDs:

* CD101: Low Frequency Test CD
* CD102: Set Up and Evaluation of Sound System Imaging and Placement
* CD103: Evaluating Audio Components, Listening Environments, & your Listening Ability
* CD104: The Ultimate Amplifier Level Setting Disc
* CD105: Road Noise, System Noise, and Frequency Range Demonstrations
i have 104 and 102 im looking for the other three so pm me if u have them
here like five or siz test cds me and this guy from SD were trading

get them while the links are hot

autosound, chesky, focal, and some others cant remember all the names

keep the links on DIY so they dont go so fast--some of them are BIG so be patient

if you need more maybe we can all trade :) share the wealth
Do I need to purchase the yousend it package to get these? I am getting an error message when clicking on the link
21 - 40 of 58 Posts
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