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Damplifier and Damplifier Pro B Stock shelves are super full once again for you dampers on a budget. Our factory errors are your big discount. And these bad boys are weighing heavy. As you can see in the pics this batch of factory errors for the Damp Pro B Stock is running on the heavy side. Don't miss out on this sweet round of Damplifier butyl goodness offered at 30% off A Stock prices.

We currently have the following box sizes available:

32 sqft Damplifier 16 Sheets - 26 Boxes
100 sqft Damplifier 50 Sheets - 6 Boxes
30 sqft Damplifier Pro 18 Sheets - 18 Boxes
90 sqft Damplifier Pro 54 Sheets - 5 Boxes
60-90 sqft Damplifier/Damplifier Pro 40 lb Mixed Piece Box - 19 Boxes

You can get your hands on any one of these boxes at the following link SECOND SKIN B STOCK but don't wait too long because the B Stock always goes fast!!!

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