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My wife and I have been sailing for the last 7 years on our 48' sailboat, covering more than 44,000 miles and visiting 32 countries. The only reason I'm mentioning this is it's my excuse for not having a more modern sound/video system.

We have an Alpine CDA-9856 tuner and Bose 151 speakers. To watch movies, we connect a Micca Spec-1 G2 media player to our 19" 12-volt TV/DVD player using HDMI. The movies are either on a hard drive or thumb drive. The Micca has an earphone jack and we connect that to the Alpine's AUX port.

However, through the Alpine and out through the Bose speakers comes a loud, offensive hum when we try to watch a movie. The system sounds great when it's playing from a CD or our iPod. I can plug a pair of headphones into the Micca and it sounds great there, too. I've checked to see if it's our refrigeration that could be causing the problem but even with everything shut down, we still get the hum.

Any ideas? Thanks for giving this some thought.
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