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[] Bandor drivers are closely related to Jordan's. This isn't suprising since both share a common heritage. Bandor's owner, Doreen Bance is the ex-wife of Ted Jordan and was awarded equal access to their joint intellectual property rights in their divorce settlement. While Ted Jordan's strength is design, Doreen Bance's strength is production. As of this writing, Bandor's drivers are more available than Jordan's.

Although, like Jordan, Bandor makes drivers using curvilinear profile aluminum foil cones in a variety of sizes, only one of Bandor's driver families has been recommended. The Bandor 50 family comprises several 2" drivers, all similar to the Jordan JX53. These differ in impedance, Xmax, amd sensitivity. For a line array, choose whichever will provide the composite impedance and sensitivity that you require. The currently recommended drivers include: [/QUOTE]

and do a search over on

there are some info on the drivers over there
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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