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Hi guys, new here, 1st post.

Getting back into car audio after maybe 10years. Trying to do it before my 3rd kid arrives. Just adding a sub into my 2014 Kia Sorento with factory HU with stock speakers for now. My goal, just looking for some low end thump, sq oriented. Not looking to wake up the neighbors but if I can get my seat massaging my back that would be nice. My system looks like this:

Stock HU
Loc: Scosche FAI-4F
Amp: Kenwood KAC-7201 800w operating bridged mono
Sub: 10" Pioneer TS-SWX251 shallow mount and enclosure
8 guage power and ground wires.

using the sosch loc, I tapped into the left rear passenger side speaker wires from the wire loom running by the driver seat under the floor trim.
Since I wasn't sure what the other side speaker wire colors were, I simply ran the one side + and - to the loc and used a y-splitter to fill in the L and R rca going from the loc line-outs to the amp's L R line-in.

First question: is bass stereo? I assume the L and R have the same bass in music. Am I wrong and I'm missing a whole lot of bass info?

I went ahead and followed through with rest of the quick install and everything worked. The sub started bumping, I had deep bass again for my drive. Fast forward about and week though and I notice the bass was kicking out during drives, sitting idle; randomly. Checked the tightness of all the connections, ground, power, all good. Sometime's I find flicking the power door switches cause the bass to kick in and stay on. Sometimes it goes out again. So is this a grounding issue? I put my ground to one of the big bolts holding the rear seats down, scraped away the paint but is this a good ground?

Second question: how do you find a good ground? I've watched youtube videos putting a test lead from the + or - terminal of the battery and measure the resistance of diff points in the engine bay. Closer to zero the reading the better the ground. But how do you test in the trunk area? Run a wire from the + battery to the back? or stick the multi tester probe on the power cable to the amp and then test diff points?

I fiddled around in the back and have notice jiggling the rca cables made the sub cut in and out. replaced the cable with another new cable, same thing. Sometimes rotating the rca connector on the loc's rca output brings the sub to life. Sometimes rotating the rca connector on the amp brings the sub to life. So do I need to ground the loc and the amp too (there is another small screw on the amp labelled gnd - in addition to the main ground)? Or is the problem one of the actual rca hook up connectors on the loc or amp? How do I diagnose?
Any help suggestions would be very appreciated.

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