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Best SQ 12", fed by a JL HD750/1, for bassheads

  • Incriminator Audio Flatlyne 12"

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Bass for Bassheads

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Alright, so i've read the flaming, i've read the reviews, ive heard people swear by one thing or another, and condemn each other to eternal suffering and pain over differing opinions. From this, I have narrowed down my sub choice to one of the above 3. Voteth ye!

Enclosure: 1.5 cu ft sealed fiberglass box (fitted for trunk side, stealth-install style). cutout for 12"
Power: JL Audio HD 750/1
Focus: SQ >>>> SPL
Uses: Bass and beat heavy music - metal, trance, techo, raggae, hip hop, rap, dubstep, grime and any other name you've got for something that gets low and grimy and fast.

Price difference for the above 3 options is not a consideration.

Posting from work, so need this disclaimer:
"The views expressed here are mine and do not reflect the official opinion of my employer or the organization through which the Internet was accessed."
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Ok so I dont quite get if your focus is SQ or SPL.

But if its SQ, then I cant emphasize how good the Morel Ultimo is.

I have an Ultimo 12 that is the best thing Ive ever heard.

1.5 cubes is good for it. However its rated for more than 750 watts. But
I have a Zapco 9.0 to it and I cant even turn that amp up over half way so your
proabably fine.

I had 4 Focal 5ws subwoofers (5.25" diameter) and they were very musical and very
accurate though not that loud, a few years later switched to the Ultimo, and wow.
More than loud enough for DD listening, though you cant hear it outside of my car really. But it screams inside and is just as accurate as those 5.25's oh, and I can hear it down to 24 hz though -6db is probably 30 hz.
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You read it correctly. SQ is much much much greater then SPL - in other words, don't care about the ability of the sub to get obnoxiously loud - even at 750 watts it'll be more then my ears are comfortably with, so im fully expecting not to drive it with the full amount of power I have available.

That said, will look at the Morel. I have heard them mentioned more then once, but always figured it was out of my price range. Judging by the prices I'm seeing online, that's probably still the case. But I'll give it some thought non-the-less!
There are 2 lines the Ultimo and the Ultimo SC, I havent heard much about the SC but it should still do damn well. I think the cone is different and the basket is stamped, not cast. Look on for all the specs.
What I've gathered from reading the reviews on the Morel is that it is very accurate & blends so well it almost disappears. Looking at your list of musical preferences I'm not sure if the Morel will satisfy your bass cravings.

Out of your three choices I'd probably go with the Shiva since it has quite a bit more excursion than the JL & IA.
Its all about how you set up the Morel, it can blend in to the point where its not even there, or it can overshadow your highs if you dont the the right front stage!

Ive never seen the Shiva, I'll google it.
Just to clarify - I've realized since posting this that Sound Quality is a very vague term at best with a meaning that is different for everyone you talk to. SPL is a hard measurable number (decibals). So if it helps with suggestions, the way I see/definite SQ is: "low noise floor, inaudible levels of distortion, good tonal accuracy, good dynamics, and good stage/image." (a quote i lifted from another forum that really hit the nail on the head for me). The above is, of course, keeping in mind the application of said sub in terms of music types. To be able to do the above for orchestral or classical music would be very different from being able to do the above for very bass-heavy music. Another way I like to define a high-SQ set up is that it has a 'warm' sound... vs harsh. I know that's even worse a term then 'SQ' to begin with, but for anyone who plays bass guitar, its the difference between a Mesa Amp/Cab or possibly a high-end Peavy, vs something like Hartke or even SWG. Ampeg is hit and miss for me, but higher end setups are almost as warm as the Mesa's, but just not quite there. Yes, I realize the anology to car audio is poor, considering high end = tube amp vs digital amps that I'm using. But just trying to define what 'warm' means to me.

The other part is of course that the sub is only one speaker out of the entire system. So a bit of info on what this will be getting blended with.
JL HD 600/4 driving Hybrid Audio Imagine 6.5"s all around, with the fronts set up in a component arrangement and rears in a coaxial arrangement. Planned crossover point is around 70hz. I will of course be tuning my input sensitivites meticulously and planning on getting a few of the audio set-up tracks to really nail the gain/crossover settings down. May at some point look at sound processors.

All that said, it looks like I'm back to my original two choices - the JL w6v2 or the Shiva X2. I think at this point i may as well flip a coin - both should be amply able to satisfy my cravings for chest-rattling beats without distrorting at the volumes I am used to.

Posting from work, so need this disclaimer:
"The views expressed here are mine and do not reflect the official opinion of my employer or the organization through which the Internet was accessed."
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