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I have a few questions about adding an additional battery for assistance with the audio system. The intention is to support my main battery. Here is a diagram

I'm not looking to put a huge battery in the trunk just some additional amperage. thinking of going with a XE 750 power cell and will have it wired opposite of normal so that with the car off the main battery is drained with the XE750 being isolated to jump start the car if required.
The intention is extra power during normal running use and have been told i need the isolator to balance the voltage between batteries?

1. Does my wire diagram make sense?
2. Will i need an isolator that doesn't turn on until it receives 14v in order to keep it off with the key? i was going to use a stinger 200 amp but i dont see were it would be off if the voltage wasn't regulated. Do the stingers do the same thing and just don't advertise?
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