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Hi all,
My '05 Mustang comes with 2 8"door subs in 12 liter enclosures. I replaced them with Seas CA21RE's and polyfill :) Now I need to power those better. The factory amps are 2-channels each (original drivers were DVC) -- I tested voltage to see if they are bridgeable but I don't think they are.

I'm thinking about using this: bridged for about 50W into 8 ohms. There is space for 2, one for each door. The spec sheets say the amp is "bridged" -- does this mean "bridgeable"? If so, would I just wire OUT1+ and OUT2-?

Also, is there any way to test the outputs from my head unit to see if they're low-level or preamp? It's all harnesses and looks like speaker wire, but I guess you never know with factory junk.

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