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hi guys

Im looking to replace my speakers. I want to keep install simple since ill be doing the install myself. I don't like harsh tweeters and I like a lot of kick on my midbass so would like some advice on some components.

I want to install tweeters on the a-pillars.

heres the thing, I saw a thread on here about a guy looking to install 8" mids in his doors and got me considering it since I have the room. someone mentions Illusion Audio would be good with an 8". I checked there website and it looks like there tweeter is x-over at 2k. It seems beaming wont be to much of a problem.

I am considering this along with these options. what do you guys think would be best?

8" mid in the doors,


4" mid with a 6" midbass?

I heard the digital design midbass a very long time ago and I was so impressed with how they hit. what do you think about these drivers? anything better these days?

Also, Anyone heard the illusions? Are they good speakers? if you have heard the mids can they pound or are they softer?

I cant seem to find much info online about the Illusions but from what I read they seem great.

any help would be appreciated.
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