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Best 8 inch midbass suggestions!

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Hi all, I have a few choices regarding midbass that I was planning to run in my next build, need thoughts on what would provide the best regardless of fabrication etc. My 3 choices are. Brax ml8, Zr-Dream 1, or skanning Fu6. What im planning to run is the skanning, have aluminum pods also so would be stiff and heavy duty. Will be sending plentiful power as a hv venti will be used. Heres a couple pics of the skanning. Will be going in a lexus ls430. Cheers and thanks all for input in advance!


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I don't know what you mean by this.... are you saying I don't know better so I should have paid 1k for the Sax? Please tell us where we can get the Sax for 1k, cuz we'd really like to know. If I miss understood what you said. I apologize in advance.😃
You should of known better and took a Uber.
Who can even afford a car these days. Yeesh. ****in rich people.....
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I guess it's cheaper over seas. 🤷🏽 too late now.. 😆
They only have 1. They will back order the one you order.
Says so on the left in the pic.
Order that **** if you want. Youll be buying 2 most likely.
1 - 4 of 73 Posts