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best budget component speakers?

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Hey guys,

Im stationed out in Japan and i have a 2002 Toyota Will VS.

Id like to get a decent set of 6.5 component speakers im looking in the $300 price range and im unwilling to go much higher then that.

at the moment ive been looking at the QS216 - MB Quart set, so far all the reviews seem pretty good.

I plan on getting a 10 inch sub at some point but thats down the road.

Currently have:
Headunit: Kenwood DDX771
AMP: 4 channel Kenwood, (ill update with more details later)

any recommendations would be great, thanks in advance.
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I saw budget and automatically thought something like Sony XS-GS1720S, but placing it around $300 or "higher if needed" makes it no longer "budget" gear imo. With a set amount in that range I'd seriously consider something worth the coin like some raw Seas, Scan, SB Acoustics, etc.. I'm sure you could find a set of nice mids for $200 & tweets for $100 that many car branded gear in that range won't touch.
If it's due to environmental issues, nothing major to worry about. Besides, many "treated" cones are only treated on the front side, leaving them still susceptible to the elements. Depth-wise? Yes, to a degree. Response issues.... crossing upwards around 100hz remedies that. I've used more "home" drivers than car gear when it comes to component sets.
1 - 2 of 12 Posts
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