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Previous Multi channel is an a/d/s 850MX, it is currently scattered in a shelf in my shop with a dead channel, would love to have schematics to make this easier... hint :)

Current amp in truck is an MTX pro 400X5 Works great, very conservative at 25X4 and 200X1, Birth sheet says more like closer to 50X4. It has done very well for me and has excellent construction inside! Needs an external crossover as there is no BP channel.

I am in the air for the next amp in the new car but this thread is helping... thanks! Currently I am looking at the HiFonics Zeus ZX8000, it's 50X4 and a sub channel. One good thing is that it DOES have a BP channel so a quick, easy, dirty DIY is not out of the question till you can afford a more flexable active XO. Any input?

1 - 1 of 23 Posts
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