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Hello People,
What's the best quality of music you could get out of an iPad?

I managed to get 24/96 Apple Loos-less files onto an iPad (Using copytrans, iTunes won't let you copy more than 24/48 - but does recognize the 24/96 files once you've got them on the device).

I plug my iPad to the HU (JVC XR811) via the back USB connection and then use the HU to play and control the music (skip track, navigate albums etc).

I read that iOs devices can only output 24/48 via their DAC but if connected to a Camera Connection Kit (CCK) USB it bypasses the internal DAC and allows the iPad to stream 24/96 to external DAC devices (so we are certain of the quality, BTW, otherwise most people probably won't hear the difference...)

Will this setup work if connected to the HU? will the HU still be able to control the iPad? Is there a way to confirm, we will be getting the 96hz then?

What are you doing? Please do share your thoughts.

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