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It's been a long time since I did a nice high end install in my car.

Crutchfield is decent for getting a handle on the mid-range to high-mid-range. But what about the top of the line stuff like Brax? If I google "best audiophile 4-channel amplifiers", I get back a bunch of crap lists with Rockford Fosgate and other consumer-level stuff.

I know the home high-end audio scene well as I've been a Stereophile/Absolute Sound subscriber for years. And there's the wonderful Stereophile Recommended Components that gets published twice a year. Anything equivalent for car?

I've figured out that Brax is the top of the heap (and way out of my price range!) Zapco, Helix, etc.

What does "Old School" mean exactly? non-digital? The only digital I want in my system is the Sony RSX-GS9 and it will be all analogue after that.

What about the older amps? Which ones could be considered audiophile grade and a good bargain? I see the Helix HXA 400 quite a bit on eBay claiming audiophile quality. Would that be better than, say, a JL Audio HD600/4?
As far as I know, the JL Audio HD's are class d and no one recommends them.
1 - 1 of 30 Posts
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