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all amps that are tier one like BRAX MX will cost similar or even more There are some of such manufacturers - D-Amore, Sinfony, Genesis P15 or DMA, GZ Reference, Milbert BAM, Microprecision (designed by Roberto Tognon), The End amps, Audison Thesis HV Venti and older HR100, McIntosh MCC

Also very decent amps that dont cost a fortune - Genesis DM and DMX, Audison TH Due/Quatro, Alphard Black Hydra (same board as GZ Reference), ZAPCO AP line, BRAX GX, ....some HELIX offerings (A2, A4.), DLS Ultimate A2, A3, A4, A7, A6,...TA2 tube, and many many more...

old school amps are treated the ones that are pre 2000 or so,.... big AB class amps like PPI PC series,Zapco Studio, Phoenix Gold MPS, Z,...Lanzar Opti, older RF (land mines), Audison thesis sedici/trenta/*HR100..... old amps which are not bad at all, but they need to be checked and recaped. Those amps are interesting to many since when new they werevery expensive and out of reach for many...nowadays they cost a couple of hundred bucks and are avaliable to almost anybody.

I totally agree with DumDum on lower tier stuff,...that amps are not compareable to Brax,.... The amount of details and micro details, control over cone movement, and many more are on the Brax side. I had a bunch of amps in my systems, and at the end, BRAX was the one that stayed, everything else went to closet or for sale. Also Genesis is cheap in comparision to BRAX...probably a factor of 1:2 (BRAX MX4 cost approx 3400-3700EUR, Genesis DM cost 800EUR, DMX approx 1300EUR with comperable output power to BRAX MX.
1 - 1 of 30 Posts
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