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Literally the only thing that has changed in 30 years is the prevalence of dsps. Power has gotten really cheap. I mean really cheap man. A real 5000 watt amp can be had for like 300 bucks.
So most of the higher end drivers from big box companies these days are bulky not dynamic or musical really and actually requires like 200 watts to move the damn midbass. But that's about it.
Using a gs9 you will need a dsp. I suggest a jl audio twk if you are inexperienced with tuning. It has 3 set up modes. Beginner to pro. Class d amp have come a long way but you still need to up the power with them because for the laer they clip hard and fast.
So go with what you know. I'm using a pair of 12 year old jbl midbass right because I can't find anything else that I like. Haven't tried audiofrog but I think might.
1 - 1 of 30 Posts
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