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It took me a long time to come up with this ... I was trying to think of a way to mount them like yourself. If you search "BGNeo3" you'll see a build thread by ArcL100 I think that is a really nice alternative.

Anyway, when I ran across this mounting kit I knew I'd be able to mount them. (LOL, 12 bucks at a local discount store). The trick was to attach a mounting screw to the back of the back of the driver. I used JB Weld to attach it and then the whole thing just screws right in. Again, I don't have much to compare them to, but the detail in these things is amazing.

There you have it, bro. I've overcome my embarrassment over the lamp cord ... so I hope it's helpful! Actually, a few months ago I started drilling and grinding some openings to thread the "speaker wire" through (new black lamp cord :D) but never finished. Considering my record on that, I may never dress up the mounting surface on the front or put some spade connectors on. But who knows, you may inspire me once you post up some pics of whatever you do. ;)
:eek:, at least a couple of pieces of chewed up wriggles double mint sticks on those exposed terminals.
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