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Option 1 - I could go active with the built in xover on the PH30.2 and send 75x4 to the CDTs, ignore the rear fill, and hit the sub with 150rms.
Yay. Most tunable (what acative xover?)

Option 2 - I could bridge and go passive with the CDTs and end up with 220x3.
Yay, I think. CDT would probably suggest this - they have some tech in their xovers that they love, and the CDT xovers are certainly better than the standard passive xover in today's market. (Do CD passives support bi-amping/bi-wiring?)

Option 3 - I could add some coax to the rear and go 75x4 and 150x1.
Boooo! (Hisssss).

Option 4 - Finally, I could add the second BA sub and fit it in with all of the above, but halving the rear channel to stereo at 75x2 to each sub in any case. Doesn't seem like enough, but wanted to cover all angles here for my question.
I'd go with your instincts on this one :)
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