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Hi folks, how's it going?

So I'm having an issue with the big 3 on my car. I have a 60ah lithium battery and an Autotech 320A HO alternator so obviously better wire is next. I'm planning on running 2/0 OFC welding wire and it looks like it won't be a problem except the firewall. I have a post through on the firewall that connects both sides. Here are some pictures so you can see what I'm talking about:

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View attachment 372246

When I removed the stuff, this is what I found:

View attachment 372247
View attachment 372248

Now as far as the wire from the alternator to the firewall, it is not just one wire, its a bunch. It looks like this:

View attachment 372249

So here is my question: Am I going to need to drill a new hole in the firewall, put in a rubber grommet, and run the cable from the alt to the battery? I thought about adding a wire to the alternator and having it attach to the post through but since it would be touching metal, I think that would be really bad.

So what do you think, do I need to drill a new hole or is there something I can do that doesn't require that?
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