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Hey all,

I love my Bit One and think I've finally decided I'll stick with the system I have for a while (after trying too many different components), but I just hate the way the DRC looks! With all of the modders we have here, I'd have expected to see some creative installation of these, but most seem to have stuck with glassing them into their dash and leaving the appearance fairly stock.

Here are the things that I'm toying with doing, to get a classier and more stealthy look:

- Covering the orange leds - since the color is just terrible in my car (what would have been wrong with just going with white anyhow?) Anyone here comfortable removing and replacing them for me? I'n a fair hand... but this is a bit too much!

- Replacing/repairing the slightly scratched lexan liner - any way to resurface it? I could cut out the section that covers the screen, but its hard to clut lexan clean

- upgrading the knob - solid aluminum? black? classier and more marr resistant! Then I'd either paint the case, cover it (window tint? thin leather?) or try to create a new face plate from scratch.[/LIST]

Has anyone revised their DRC or seen an interesting revision? Any (positive) thought? It'd be really appreciated if we'd stick to positive/constructive input only here. I know I'm OCD and that this is a stretch... but it never hurts to explore! Thanks in advance.

Less - aka Jim
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