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So, after three weeks of work I finally had my car (except for the sub box) put together and started setting my amp gains. First of all, my setup:

2000 Integra GS 2dr

Dampening material applied throughout car, doors sealed, closed cell foam and mass loaded vinyl in doors and closed cell foam used judiciously throughout car.

Audison AV K6 component set, run active off Pioner DEH-80PRS
Hertz HX300 12" 4 ohm sub (not yet installed, plan to build sealed box)
Hertz HCP4 (55W x4 @ 1% thd) powering tweeters and midwoofers.
Hertz HCP1D (320W @ 1% thd) powering sub

I started setting the gains for my midwoofers with test tones and started becoming confused to all hell. Why were my tweeters putting out sound, even though they were muted on the head unit, high passed @ 2.5khz, and set at -24db as well? Why, when I played some music, were they all static-y? Well, it turns out, my amplifier has a button for "rear input". If you don't press this button, the amplifier takes the "front input" (my midrange) signal and outputs it to all 4 channels. So my tweeters got a dose of pink noise at full deck volume.

Once I figured out the issue, I pressed the button and had a listen. Surprisingly, the right tweeter sounded good. The left one made no sound, but I've since discovered that if I apply light pressure to the dome surround, it starts working, and as far as I can tell sounds good.

I got all my equipment via a dealer for black friday at what I believe to be a steal ($255 USD after tax for the component set), and I think replacing the tweeters might be more than I paid for the whole set. So I have a few questions:

1. Is it hopeless to consider repairing my left tweeter somehow? Is my right tweeter, although working now, likely to fail at some point due to the damaging stress it endured?

2. If I can't get the dealer to get me a deal on replacement tweeters, are there any suggestions for replacements? They would have to fit in my pods I built- 1 7/8" (48mm) diameter maximum. Specs for the Audison tweeters can be found HERE

3. I am considering bridging my 4-channel amp to run my midwoofers, which are rated at 100W RMS and 91db. Bridging would bring the power from 55W to 170W. When setting the gains for this, would I want the maximum used setting on my deck (say, 60/62) to put out 100W from the amplifier, or 170? Also, would the deck power (14W @ 1% thd, 22W @ 5%) be sufficient for my tweeters?

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