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Bluetooth + JP95 - First time, can't get audio output.

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Hey All, Please help

Trying to create an invisible stereo in a classic pickup 1956 F100.
Testing it out on a table-top first before I install it. This is my current layout. I have a fuse between the battery and the rest of the setup. when I install in the vehicle, I'll move accessory to the auto accessory wire.
The DS18 has an always on blue LED
I am powering with a car battery, voltage has read 12.5 currently reads 12.1
When I start streaming to the DS18, it has an always on Red LED
When I start streaming to the DS18, the Power/Protect LEDs come on on the amp. They flicker at varying patterns
First attempt, no sound, shut it off for a while, messed with some of the settings
Second attempt, i had it set to a CH3/4 mode, and I had audio to the 2 speakers. The sub controller showed 12.X and no adjustment of the dial knob made any difference.
I tried to swap to 5 ch, it kept playing through 2 speakers but nothing from sub. I tried to switch the sub from 4ohm to 2 ohm, no change
I turned everything off, checked and reset all of the wires, set it to ch 5. turned it on, no sound. Power and protect would flicker in varrying patterns, it doesnt look like trouble codes, but seems tied to the music that is playing.
Every other change I have made, I haven't been able to get back to sound in the 2 speakers.

I am a total noob, I do not know how to appropriately adjust the settings. My approach has been to set gain to about half, turn the filters to a hair above full left, and then experimentally test the switches. Mostly I have kept the switches in the configuration shown in the diagram below. Other than swapping between CH1/4 and CH5

The one time it did work, it seemed to take a good 30 seconds to start playing, but once it was I could start and stop at will, I had full control of volume just via my phone's volume.

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Id be intrested to hear what was the fix for this.
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