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Thanks for this thread @MM22000 ! First time stumbling upon it this week and it was super helpful.
This thread is a must read for BMW owners who may have installed an amplifier and before installing and tuning a DSP.

Adding my experience:
note - utilizing latest iOS BimmerCode on LCi F25 w/ base audio system & latest updates from
  • outside of 3002, I went in & selected HEADUNIT - 3000 HMI -> HIGH_END_AUDIO_MENUE -> volle insz which enables 2 B&O DSP selections
    • Of the 2, I went with STUDIO as with my speakers, the sound is clean and not muddy and distorted.
    • with 'volle insz' selected, Speed Based Volume adjustment option disappears from VOLUME SETTINGS (not sure if it's actually gone) but if it is, it may simplify DSP tuning
  • AUDIO_SYSTEM_VAR -> I chose 'variant3' because someone online had said that mid & high frequencies were crystal clear
  • AUDIO_PROFILE -> I have 4 options (01, 02, 03, 04) instead of 2 from the original chart and I stuck with a recommendation from a MINI forum of going with 'wert_01' for a flat response
  • other settings:
    AUDIO_SYSTEM -> hifi
    AMPLIFIER_VARIANT -> external

I went looking for EQ_SETTING and EQ_VARIANT under 3000 and didn't find it; will take another look later for it
I will also go looking for AUDIO_SYSTEM_CIC, where there is something to be toggled
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