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Bmw e36 Sound Upgrade

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I just recently bought a bmw e36 328 coupe. I want to upgrade the sound! I'm mainly looking towards sound quality. I've decided on the rainbow slc 230.25 ng and later adding a mid range ( not sure what mid range though) I don't really want to do any modifications to make speakers fit. I just want to take the old out and put the new in replacement. I'm not sure what amp to buy for these components and since I most likely would add a mid range I don't wanna have to CHNAGE or buy another amp later on. Also I'm not sure what headunit I want. I've heard good things about the clarion cz702 but according to crutch field it won't fit my bmw ( I think it's just confused )

All suggestions welcome!

thank you for your time!
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That clarion will fit.
Get a 5 channel amp, run stock tweeters and kick panel speakers active and add a subwoofer. You will be in good shape if you get everything tuned ok. This is the most bang for your buck so to speak. From there on, you will be spending $ with somewhat limited return.

The good thing is that your coupe has huge kick panels, so if you decide to play "let's get crazy with this sound system" type of thing - you have a pretty decent platform to work with.
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