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Hi all,

Last time I upgraded car audio was in 2011 with a MS8 fitted to my Mini Cooper S using Morel and some old Denon amps I had.

Always meant to upgrade the E81 hatch we also have but never did. This was rear ended in November and we ended up with a used 2016 F22 220d MSport with HK.

As we keep our cars for a long time, I want to upgrade and enjoy the 2 series audio sooner rather than later. May do the old 1 series when I get round to repairing it also.

A few questions.

1. Is the MS8 despite being old still a viable upgrade path to allow it to do most of its trickery in getting the best from the car, especially centre speaker.

2. Now that many Class D amps are coming with DSP, is this a better route however would have to learn how to adjust where as the MS8 did all that for you. Alpine PDP-E800DSP seems good value but not seen anyone use one. Helix, Match or any others to consider?

3. Any loss of steering wheel controls to worry about?

4. Speaker wise Focal ES100 is much cheaper here in UK so was thinking about those. Heard of AudioFrog GB10 and GB40 components, Morel Hybrid 402 and even ScanSpeak being used.

I only want to do this once and do it right.

Sorry for all the newbie questions and any help would be appreciated.
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