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BNIB IDMax 15, PHD Mids, ID tweets & x-overs

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Been absent here for quite some time, self employment has given me plenty to do.

Install is finally done in my truck & a few things changed along the way so I'm looking to unload some extras.

ALL is brand new in box

IDMax 15d2- $500 picked up only, I live in Orange California, box has never been opened. Bought 2 and decided one was plenty in a double cab pickup lol

PHD FB Pro 6.5" Mids - $130 shipped conus only. Kind of disappointed I never got to hear these.

ID XS28 & XS crossover set- $120 shipped conus only. Bought the xs69 set just to use the Mids so these need to go.

Would be better to take the PHD Mids out of their factory box & pack them securely for shipping. Will include the paperwork, stickers etc that you see in the box, I just prefer to use USPS priority mail & a load of foam to keep them safe.

Image tweets and crossovers will be packed securely and sent USPS priority as well

Add insurance if you want it, I have a scale & stamps account so I can get you exact amounts.

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1 - 1 of 4 Posts