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Bottom end for 4-way system... '04 Sti

Been out of the industry forever and finally putting together my "swan song" audio system for my 2004 Subaru Sti.

Pretty well settled on an Illusion audio 3 way setup for front stage, still tossing between Carbon C3/4 CX mids and a C8 midbass driver. 8" in a fabricated lower door panel, component point-sources in a fabricated kick panel. All active crossover and tri-amped courtesy of a bit-One and two PDX-F4's.

From my old days in car audio my best experience w/ subs was with JL 10W1's and 10w6's.

Currently tossing between (at the suggestion of the shop) two JL 12W6v3's and Focal Flax P30F's. Could also go the Carbon C12 XL's but frankly they're kinda' fugly looking... (lol, it does matter a bit!)

Not really going to have much opportunity to demo them since acoustics change radically between the showroom and in-car. Seems almost irrelevant to test them under those conditions and assume they'll carry over to the tight confines of the car audio environment.

JL was a good compromise SQ/SPL driver back in the day and seems that still holds true. I've heard mostly good things about Focal too, but mostly relevant to their components, not so much info on their subs. My installer seems to think they'd (P30F's) be the better SQ pick, which is the focus of this install. May also be open to other suggestions in the <$500 range.

Also, enclosure no bigger than 1.25 cu ft. per driver and both to be powered off a PDX-M12.

That is all, discuss amongst yourselves and thank you for your suggestions in advance....

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