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So I built 2 small sealed boxed for a local guy a month or so ago for his new avalanche, installed 2 p3 shallows and he was happy for the time being, however he got the upgrade bug.
Decided he wanted to go with some w3's so I convinced him to let me build a box the replace the removable wall.
So here it is, I did not get alot of pictures because i only had a couple hours to do it, (woke up late as shiz again) so only remembered while i was spray painting the back. I wanted to do it in bedliner but he did not want to pay the extra $20 and i did not want to do it bad enough to do it for free.
The back that will be inside the bed all primed to seal and then halfass spray painted.
If you ever need to spray paint a large area i suggest one of these, they are like 4 bucks and keep you from killing your finger and getting paint all over it.

paint did not come out as nice as i would have liked but o well, it was very windy and this is 99 cent spray paint.

The front baffle is a cutout of the wall it replaces, flush mounts the subs.
Box is 2.87 tuned to 32hz, ports are rounded and everything just no pictures.

The blocks are for mounting of the box to the factory locations.

Got some pics of it installed

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