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Behringer Ep1500
Straight from Behringer's web site.

"The EP1500 is an extremely musical power amp that can take a whole night’s worth of abuse without missing a beat—even at 2 Ohms! The EUROPOWER EP1500 is a dependable workhorse that will never let you down.

You get enough real-world Watts to get you through the roughest gigs: 2 x 700 Watts into 2 Ohms, or 1,400 Watts into 4 Ohms bridged mono operation. Experience has probably taught you that there is nothing worse than when your amp runs out of breath. With EUROPOWER, you’ve got your back covered all the way.

From the deepest bass all the way up to the most subtle highs, you will be amazed at the clarity and richness of sound. This kind of multi-faceted performance was previously possible only with amps costing hundreds more.

The EUROPOWER EP1500 meets the needs of professional musicians, for both installed applications or on the road. No corners were cut in the design process. You can rest assured that these are tough, reliable amps built to last and last. After all, you have come to expect nothing less from BEHRINGER.

Each EUROPOWER has a massive power supply with a low-noise toroidal transformer and lots of headroom, so your music sounds great—even when you push the amp to the limit—and it stays that way! Add an extremely effective cooling system and you have an amp that is guaranteed to be trouble-free.

Further underscoring our serious commitment to excellence, we use only high-quality, high-speed Fairchild® and Toshiba® transistors that are second to none."

Contact me via aim at reevo00 or email to [email protected]


Straight from Ben

"B-Series = left over bstock parts. We all know that. Hopefully we won't need to do this again. however thanks to the ability of tc sounds to drop the ball on everything humanly possible! This is the solution.

We've / We are rebuilding various K-O-A drivers. Basically this involves using the parts we've got to build working loudspeakers. These are not fancy or crazy speakers. They are bstock rebuilds of the K-O-A line.

Basically you'll find blemished motors, scratched baskets, and things rejected by QC that were rebuilt. Becuase we can't even get our hands on the flat cone we're just simply rebuilding these with boring old paper cones. Basically like you'll find most all over the place

The B1, B2, B3 were the first bstock parts we sold off. These will be the B4, B5, B6.

The B4 drivers are essential rebuilt K-Series drivers.
Right now 12" only - 350w power handling - 16.3mm xmax, - 1cF sealed, 1.5cF vented. (i'd highly suggest these for HT use) single 4 / dual 4

The B5 drivers rebuilt O-Series drivers.
Right now 10" and 12" only, 450-500 watt power handling, 18.3mm xmax, reminscent of the O-series. Same box sizes. dual 4 / single 4.

The B6 drivers rebuilt A-Series drivers.
12" and 15" drivers. 12" respectfully 25.4mm and 15" 29.1mm. dual spiders, etc etc.Same Box size. dual 2 only vc's/

These speakers I want to make very clearly aren't resold / being resent to customers becuase they ;

1. aren't in great condition cosmetically. these are raw parts from all over.
2. don't use any previous production parts. your looking at a boring foam surround and a paper cone. this is a raw subwoofer.
3. aren't production speakers.

We basically need to get rid of our stock of rebuilt parts, there are less than a dozen of each one (size in each line) so there are not a ton but we figured this would be the best way to offer these on icix instead of completely to the general public.

These drivers will make great fun speakers. great performance at a extremely low price. they'd make absolutely awesome home theater speakers (that you don't really see or care about what they look like) but i would not use them in 1000 dollar glass installs becuase they just don't look the part.

These are also in limited supply. So once they are gone we won't be building more. Our new designs are more efficient, more reliabile and are just downright better.

Prices :
b4 - 50
b5 - 75
b5 - 150

if you blow it up it's your problem. we want to get some old parts out of here becuase we are in need of room for our current production models and january is proving to be a busy month."

Contact me via aim at reevo00 or email to [email protected]

Looking for 175+shipping on the B615. 220+shipping on the behringer.
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