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So I am now the happy owner of a 2007 Chrysler 300. Yes its the Base Model. Yes its the 2.7L engine that couldnt pass its own Shadow. But its in almost brand new condition, got it for a good price, and got me out of my Maxima that was literally falling apart.
Whats killing me is the stock sound. Now, what I plan on having in the end is a Dyn 3way set, but unless a set falls in my lap for $200 bucks anytime soon, until I can afford it, I need to do something to get me by.
First, Equipment I already have:
Soundstream Van Gogh 800.2 (bridged for sub)
Butler Tube Driver 475 (The late 90s, 75x4)
Clarion HU (Nothing fancy, but has bluetooth, usb, aux in, sub crossover that also cuts off the front RCA frequencies)
Kicker 2-way Crossover (dont worry, this will make sense in a minute)
Dayton 12" HO ref sub
My idea:
Until I can afford the Dyns I need something that sounds good that I can use with current equipment without breaking the bank. I have 3 holes in my dash just waiting for some speakers so my idea is to use the outer 2 (no center channel) and drop a pair of 3.5" 2-way speakers in them. Im looking at either Boston or Rainbow. In the door, using the 7" Dayton Ref speaker for midbass duty, and driving all 4 speakers with the Tube Driver, using the Kicker x-over to feed everything below 300hz to the 7", and everything above 300hz to the 3.5" in the dash. (In case youre wondering why I chose 300, well thats what the x-over goes too.)
The sub and Soundstream amp will come straight off the HU's RCAs, and cut off at either 80hz or 100hz. That will also cut the front rcas at the same point, so the 7" mid bass will get everything between 80 and 300, the sub will get 80 and below, and the 3.5" in the dash will handle everything 300 up.
Cutting them off that low should help with the power handling.
Am I completely on crack with this idea?
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