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Hello all,

It's been a long time since my last build (CDT CL-61A component set with PPI amp and an ED 10" hidden sub in my TransAM).

I've got a new pioneer DMH-1500NEX head unit coming for my daughter's 2018 forester (basic non-nav, non-HK setup) and of course it has me wanting to do more :)

I'm thinking of the following items in order (with estimated budget for each). And I loooooove buying used gear so that is definitely an option.
$100-$150 Add an amp under the front seat for a sub
$150-$200 Add a sub (or 2) somewhere? Either a hidden box of some sort above the spare tire, or just a removable down firing setup in the cargo area
$200-$300 Replace front speakers (6.5" in the door and 2.75" in the dash). Maybe add a dedicated tweeter? The factory system uses a wideband 2.75" in the dash, which I'd be up for if it makes sense. Otherwise, I'd probably want to add a tweeter to the sail panel.
$100-$150 Add an amp under the front seat for the front speakers
$100 Sound dampening

I'm hoping you all might be able to give me some recommendations for the equipment? The sub(s) would have to be shallow mount if I try to hide them above the spare tire. Otherwise, I can use any normal budget sub).
For the front speakers, I listened to some infinity $200 per pair components and Focal 165 somethings components ($350 per pair) at my local car audio place and definitely didn't love them. I also hate my the CDT CL-61A's that are in my TransAm. The tweeter is so harsh I can barely listen to it at highway speeds, even with the crossover set at -3db for the tweeter and my eq sorted. Granted my car is quite loud).

Appreciate the help all!
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