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Build my Sound Quality focused Mustang build ~ $1000 budget

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I will be doing an audio makeover on a base 2004 Mustang soon. My budget is going to be ~$1000 for equipment.

Since I have no experience with car audio, I have come the DIYmobileaudio for help. Currently, the only equipment I have selected is the head unit.

Head Unit: Pioneer FH-X700BT

The main focus for this build is aimed at sound quality. I could care less about how loud it can get, I just want the music to sound good.

Stock front and rear speaker sizes are 5"x7"/6"x8"

I mostly listen to rock music, with some of the quality rap music at times.

Being a noob at this, I would like recommendations on everything (subs, speakers, sound deadening, cables, amps, etc.)
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Did you choose the FH-X700BT just because you want to fill the double DIN opening? If so, how important is it to have a double DIN rather than a single DIN?

If you insist on a double DIN, I would take a look at the JVC KW-R900BT. If keeping a double DIN isn't a concern, take a look at the Pioneer DEH-80PRS. If SQ really is your focus, I would definitely choose one of those over the FH-X700BT. I'm sure lots of other recommendations will come regarding all of the equipment the source you select will be feeding.
Yes, filling up the double DIN is a big factor, I wanted to keep a clean overall look for the console.

Thanks for the recommendation on the JVC KW-R900BT, the specs seem alot better than the FH-X700BT, so I will definitely be going for that one.
I would look at Chad's install (search user Chad) and mirror that with a change at the head unit and amp. Use the pioneer active head PRS80 or something and a different amp/s to reduce cost.

Simple active set up
~250 in drivers

great sound.

Missed that the Pioneer was listed.
You don't know how important output is until you no longer have it.

We're all here for sq, but we like it loud, too.
Cubdenno, do you have a link to the specific thread you are referring to?

As far as other equipment selections, if you do go with the KW-R900BT you have the advantage of built in time alignment, so you have the option of selecting an amp with good "active crossovers" to go fully active with your install. This will give you better control in tuning your setup to get the sound you desire.

I would go with a 5 channel amp as it will keep the install simple and keep the cost down as well. Something like the Polk Audio PAD5000.5 would be a good choice. If you don't need the power available with the 1 Ohm load on the sub channel, the NVX JAD900.5 is a good alternative and readily available at a reasonable price.

Keeping within your budget, I would probably pair some JBL P660C with a JBL GTO1214D or Alpine SWS-12D4 if you need to save a little more cash. This combination should leave you about $250 in your budget to build an enclosure, get an amp kit, deadening and your other installation accessories.
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Thanks for all the recommendations. So far, I am leaning towards the following combo:

Polk Audio PA D5000.5

This leaves ~$210 for the remainder of my budget. Does anyone have any recommendations for a quality sub enclosure, wiring kit, and deadening material that will fit within this budget?

Will look formhis sub thread tomorrow. Sleepy now. I can say its a Dayton HO 10" in a ported .7 cube box tuned to 30hertz.

He uses the aura close out 6", a vifa ring radiator tweet. Jl 5 channel and an alpine active head. I think the 9887. It is great sounding.
In reference to Chad's thread, I can't seem to find exactly where his equipment is listed, but I did see what he did with the Dayton 10" HO.

That being said, I had actually changed my mind and wanted to go with a 10" sub, so I am now leaning toward the Dayon 10" HO.

I am thinking that this choice will go well with the music that I listen to, which is 80% rock, 15% rap, and 5% random.
The Dayton 10HO is one of the best 10s I have ever heard. Sounds incredible ported with 0.7 airspace ported. It is a challenge getting that long port in a box that small


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So I have decided to dump the HU in favor of using a Nexus 7 tablet as my HU. In doing so, I have been looking for an ideal sound processor to improve the audio coming from the Nexus, leading to the amp.

I currently have my eye on the Hifonics HFEQ

Will this give my system good SQ. Does anyone have any other recommendations.

Additionally, my setup will be as follows:

Polk Audio PA D5000.5
Dayon 10" HO

Can anyone give recommendations on an amp wiring kit, sound deadening, and
0.7 airspace ported enclosure within the area of $210 total?
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A couple of things, if your focus is sound quality I'm not sure the route you are currently looking to take is going to be the best. Your best option would be to have a digital signal out of the Nexus 7 if possible, then converted by an outboard DAC and DSP. Of course, this is going to cost you A LOT more than the products you listed.

Following your example, I would lean toward something like this...
iSimple IS335 (is-335) Dash Mountable Auxiliary Input Adapter

Connected to this...
NVX XEQ7 1/2 DIN 7-Band Equalizer w/2 Aux Input, Sub Control

Also, because you will no longer have time alignment with the head unit, I would skip the 5 channel amp and attempting to go active. A 4 channel amp with two channels bridged for the sub should be sufficient and save you a little more cash.

Something like either of these would be great as they do have plenty of power and nice crossovers if you ever do decide to move to a head unit with time alignment...
Precision Power PPI P900.4 (p9004) 4-Channel Phantom Car Amplifier
NVX JAD800.4 (JAD8004) Full Range Class D 4-Channel Car Amplifier

I think your JBL P660C are a fine choice for the money, and the Dayton had proven to be a great sub. However, the last thing you want to do is just slap it in a random Pre-Fab ported enclosure. It is one thing to use a pre-fab sealed enclosure, but a ported enclosure need to be designed for your specific application and subwoofer. If you want the Dayton HO, great, but either have a custom box built to go ported, or get yourself a sealed enclosure. Another to consider is the new Dayton Ultimax for a few bucks more which appears to work well in about a 1 CF sealed enclosure.
Dayton Audio UM10-22 10" Ultimax DVC Subwoofer 2 ohm Per Coi 295-510

Check out something like this in a pre-fab enclosure (larger is probably better for the 10, but you can use WinISD and other people's builds to help decide)...
Ground Shaker HB 1 10-BLACK (hb110-black) 10" Single Sealed

This is a great ampkit for the money, if they have it in stock. If you want to "future proof" a little bit, go ahead and do a 0 gauge run instead of 4 gauge power wire. Audio Technix is another reputable brand you might want to consider.
4 Gauge Amplifier Installation Kit

Both of those companies also sell sound deadener, though not necessarily as complete a line as other companies like Dynamat, Second Skin, etc. Also check out Sound Deadener Showdown. If they respond, they can be a great source for deadener as well.
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I am sorry for all the changes, but I think I have made up my mind now. I am going to just proceed with the HU previously listed, and if I choose to use a tablet in the car later I will just use it through the HU.

rton20s, I have taken your advice on the enclosure with the sub and I am just going to do the Dayton Audio UM10-22 10" Ultimax DVC Subwoofer 2 ohm with an appropriate sealed enclosure. After searching for an enclosure as close to specs as possible, I have found the following:

Scosche SET10CC 10-Inch Single
Belva 1SL10-0.7

Could anyone tell me which one of these, or any other ones, would be optimal.

As for the other equipment, I have the following list:

Polk Audio PA D5000.5
Dayton Audio UM10-22 10" Ultimax DVC Subwoofer 2 ohm Per Coil
Kolossus Fleks 4 Gauge 4 Channel Amplifier Installation Kit
Kno Knoise Resonance Control 2 Door Kit 14sq ft

Will this be all the material needed for a complete install?
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The indecisiveness is nothing new on this forum. Don't worry about it. I think the KW-R900BT will work out well for you.

One thing you will want to make sure of on all of your gear is that the items you are linking to are actually available. Prices on some of these items could vary greatly depending on where you purchase them and who has them in stock.

For the enclosure, I would probably lean a little more on the "large" size. Closer to about 1 cubic foot. If I have some time this evening I can try and model the Ultimax in WinISD to see what it would like. I know parts express' recommendation is a 0.63 CF enclosure, but further down in their recommendations, they suggest a larger 1 CF enclosure. The model I linked to in my previous post would probably work.

As for your gear selection...

Head Unit: Check
Amplifier: Not currently available from this source.
Components: Check
Subwoofer: Check
Amplifier Kit: Not currently available
Sound Deadening: A good start

For the amp kit, you might try something like this...
Stinger SK4241 (SK-4241) 4 Gauge Power Amplifier Installation Kit
In combination with these...
Stinger SI4620 6-Channel 4000 Series RCA Interconnect Cables
Kicker 09ZW16-100FT (pre-09zw16-100ft) Pre-Cut 100 ft. - Kicker
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Thanks for the heads up. Amazon currently has the amp in-stock, so I will just grab it from there. Additionally, I will be going with the enclosure that you recommended, as well as the wiring products you listed.

I'll probably end up making the purchases later tonight, as Amazon only has one of the amps left in stock.

Thanks for all the help, this has really put me on the right track.
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