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I'm looking to upgrade my current system in my 2005 Dodge Ram quad cab. I currently have the 7 speaker infinity without navigation. This system comes with an amp from the factory. What I'd like to achieve is a system built for sound quality. I want tight and clean bass that doesn't overpower my components.

What I currently have:
1) JL 500\1 sub amp
2)JL 300\2 amp

What I need:
1) Front component set (I want FOCAL 165 V30)
2) Headunit (I am undecided and not partial to any brand of headunit. I'm looking to spend upwards of $400. It needs to have bluetooth, ipod\iphone hookup)
3) Device to integrate steering wheel controls with the headunit.
4) Sub box that fits under the rear seat. (I know JL makes a stealthbox with a single 10W3v2 that is around $550. I think they over price this box bigtime considering the sub is worth around $180 new. What are your ideas for a box\sub combo)

I plan on using my rear stock speakers for rear fill for the time being. Should i reuse my existing wires or wire everything from scratch? Any ideas are greatly appreciated!


After doing some research I like the features that the Pioneer AVH-P4300DVD offers. Does anyone have any thoughts on this unit?
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