Cleaning out the garage and found a bunch of cables I had gotten as part of a package deal I bout about a year ago.
There's a couple I'm not even sure what they go to, and I have no idea what they are worth. Toss an offer out and we can try and make a deal.

$80?- MIT terminator cables- both 20'. There's a pair on eBay with some box attached to them and banana connectors going for $280, so idk $80 for these?
SOLD!-JL audio RCAs- never tested
SOLD!- JL audio non fused 2-1 distribution block. Pretty sure it's 4 gauge
$5- Scosche noise suppressor never used
Not sure what the Accu cables are for so just toss an offer.
I've bought and sold a few things on here so if you need references I can get them.

Circle Auto part Wire Metal Nickel

Electrical wiring Cable Wire Electrical supply Fashion accessory

Wire Cable Circle Metal Rope

Cable Rope Electrical wiring Wire Composite material

White Audio equipment Gadget Cable Gas

Electrical wiring Cable Cylinder Plumbing Gas

Automotive tire Reptile Gas Thumb Tread

Watch Arm Automotive tire Analog watch Wood

Hood Automotive tire Wood Steering wheel Gas

Cable Automotive lighting Bicycle part Wood Auto part