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Butler Amp - Hybrid Tube TD-750 Phaze

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Butler/Phaze Audio TD-750 Hybrid Tube Amp

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Guys, This is a very neat amplifier. I had only heard about Butler Audio (Phaze) and had never owned one I so I sat out to find me a unit to try. I did find this unit on Ebay which I purchased and tryed and was not over impressed while it did have a nice sound. I had never owned a tube amp before so I had NO idea what they were like/about. I had sent a message to victor asking questions about the tube portion and we also exchanged pics etc. He recommended that I purchase a High End set of NOS RCA/(Tung Sol) 5881 tubes for this unit. One issue is the tubes on these units are soldered in and have no Socket. I did purchase the tube set ($100 for the 2 shipped) and began fiddling. I removed the old tubes and for curiousity I played the unit with no tubes. WOW, something was wrong it sounded exactly the same!!!

I stopped right there, ran to my computer and emailed Victor. To my amazement he notified me that Butler had installed a 'Bypass circuit' that allowed these Butler/Phase amplifiers to continue playing once, if, at the time that these Russian made original tubes no longer work. SO, guess what? The tubes had never worked the entire time I had owned the amplifier and I had only heard the solid state portion of the amplifier working. Once the RCA tubes were here I installed them and powered unit it. I did note that the lower portion of the new tubes had a nice glow.

WOW, the difference with the Tube preamp section working is significant. This amplifier is now One of a Kind. It has some of the nicest Preamp tubes offered and working/installed. WAY better than a factory unit. If you are something who enjoys the tube sound in car audio this is your chance. Not sure if you can run a tube preamp in front of those or not guess thats a Victor question.

Thanks to Victor for the knowledge!


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Hi, I have most of the tube drivers in my car including the LD-2, LDX-23, and 3 TD-1500.
Your thread caused my attention and I'd like to know that
when you said "The tubes had never worked the entire time
I had owned the amplifier and I had only heard the solid state portion of the amplifier working." ,
did you mean that the tubes were not working while they're pluged?
I knew that the amplifier would work without the tubes but it never
came up to me that it would sound the same without the tubes...

Thank you.
to clarify, unless you know without a doubt the tubes themselves installed OR NOT, can be non functioning. In my case the old tubes did not light. Once removed the amp sounded the same and there was not a difference until I installed new tubes.

I believed that the tubes were working cause I could hear the difference when I turned the VTE.
The 12AX7 tubes of my LD-2 and LDX-23 were swapped into Telefunken's
but it's pity that I couldn't find suitable sockets to be soldered on the boards...
1 - 2 of 13 Posts