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C5 Vette Hertz/Audison/JL

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Simple install done for a good customer of ours. He owns Dino's Salsa, so if you see some in a store near you, get some 'cause it's delish!

Equipment consist of:
Audison SRx3
Hertz HSK165
JL Stealthbox (10w3)
Hooker Audio

The car

JVC BT22 and Audison VRC

Audison SRx3

This is the only angle you can see the wires.

Hertz HSK165

The doors are fully sealed and about 10sq of Dynamat per door.

No pictures of the Stealthbox, but if you seen one, you've seen them all:D.
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I was kinda surprised the car sounded as good as it did with the speaker placement. Must be the Hertz.LOL I was also impressed with that SRx amp.

Jason is that a gap on the right side of the VRC? Not nit picking just asking man.
I know, it kinda sucks don't it?
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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