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CA18RNX versus 850518 for 53NDT ??

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I'm helping a guy put together a budget active system right now.
He's decided on the Peerless 53NDT over the LPG for a lower xover point of 2600Hz.

We're between the CA18RNX and a Peerless 850518.

53NDT is rated 80w, 8 ohms, 90dB

Peerless 6.5" is rated 150w, 4 ohms, 90dB
CA18 is rated 80w, 8 ohms, 88dB

53NDT would receive 40w.
Peerless woofer would get 80w, versus only 40w for the Seas.

Which one would better match the tweeter with that power?
And if they had more power?

And, does the Peerless sound like crap compared to the Seas :?:
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I would suggest the Peerless over the Seas.
Forget the power ratings they're meaningless unless they tell you *what* the test conditions were. It also doesn't mean anything more than how much power you need to burn the voice coil or damage the suspension... not too useful.

40 watts should be more than sufficient, provided it's tuned correctly and located in a reasonable location (non obstructed). 80 watts can be even better in terms of tuning flexibility, although it's doubtful you'd really use more than 40 on a continuous basis.

I'd stick with the Seas, and lpg. Peerless is nice, but not the one's you've chosen and I've never really been a BIG fan of their tweets :) You can cross the lpg over at 2600hz, not a problem. It's just not ideal because of the rise in distortion (which many people can't even hear in a car).
Cool, thanks.

I sent him your email to see about prices and if you ship to Canada.
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