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Hey people, I haven't been here in a while. I have been running a Cadence TXA3004 amp running my 2 front speakers and running the 2 back channels bridged to my subs. Has been good. I went ahead and bought a 750D for my subs but it wont power on.

I connected power, ground, and remote as well as input RCAs and it doesn't power up. I double checked the connections, no loose connections anywhere.

I also noticed this amp doesn't have any external fuses on the chassis like the 3004 (2 30-amp fuses on back) I took the top cover of the 750D off and inside on the motherboard, its marked a spot label fuse1 but there isn't anything there. This was an amp I got off ebay 3 months ago and just now getting around to getting it installed. Any ideas??? Thanks

P.S. I still love my MAW-10 subs. :D
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