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For those of you who don't know me my name is Mark and I am the man behind "Car Audio Fabrication" on YouTube. I have posted build threads before (like this one: ) and if you have ever seen one you know that I love to mix in "How To" Videos throughout the build that describe the process and show each step. This build will be no different! well, it will a little bit because I am going to try to mix in a lot more pictures for your viewing pleasure!

I love to help other car audio enthusiasts young and old, newb and veteran, so if you see something you have a question about ASK! :)

The Vehicle:

Chevy Duramax 2500 HD Extended
Cab (Will add pics soon)

The Gear:

Alpine Type R's 6.5" Component Speakers
10" JL Audio W3
Knukonceptz wiring wire protection products
Alpine MRP-M500
Alpine MRP-F300

The Install:

Custom Fiberglass Door Pods with Vinyl Wrapped Inserts to accent interior and match sub enclosure
Custom Fiberglass Subwoofer Enclosure (Specs to Follow)

The Goal:

Quality sound that integrates well with the vehicle and requires little to know permanent vehicle modification. (No cutting of panels allowed!)

My Goal:

Teach the readers of this thread as much about the fabrication of the pods and sub enclosure, as well as the install as I can.

Let's begin!

We started with collecting some
of the gear, the ownder of the vehicle wanted to re-use his Alpine Component
Speakers and JL Subwoofer, I talked him into purchasing a MRP-F300 which is the
exact same foot print as the MRP-M500 and will allow for a really clean

The components:

The sub:

The amplifier: (Still need pics
of the 4 channel)

I then determined what was
needed wiring wise and put in an order with my friends over at


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I am very excited to use their
new product the KNF-60, we were one of the first to get a production unit and I
was really impressed with using it in a different build so I decided to get one
for this one as well:

All of the wiring in this build
will be protected by Techflex which I recieved from our show sponsor . They really have some great products and the "snake"
style techflex will look awesome with the tan and black truck.

Its crazy how many colors of
this stuff there is!

Now the EXCITING stuff!

I made these outer insert
templates with a series of router techniques and skills, I discuss them in the

The idea is they will insert
into the pod and can be wrapped with a different material or painted to accent
the install. Here you can see I will mount the woofer from the rear, and the
tweeter is flush mounted:

Finally I added some low temp
plastic around the base template so that the top insert could lay flush. I show
how I do this in the video as well.

For the YouTube video click the
image below this line of text:

^^^ For the YouTube video click
the image above this line of text ^^^

Well thats all for now, let me
know what you think! Add this thread to your book marks and check back often!

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Got to do some more work on this build:

In this post I will teach you how to reverse mount speakers and also how to use threaded inserts:

I found the threaded inserts at my local hardware store, I have also seen them at Home Depot, Lowes, and Menards. I really like them as you don't have to be concerned with stripping out the wood if you have to remove the screws to remove the speaker and put it back in. They are very easy to use as I will outline in the video at the bottom of the post:

Here is a picture of what they look like once mounted fully, I chose to use a washer as well to have more of a surface for the screw to hold against.

With the reverse mounting I found this configuration to be very appealing to the eye. I really like how you cant see any of the mounting holes, just the outer most part of the surround.

In the video below I outline how to install the threaded inserts, as well as how to reverse mount a speaker. Enjoy!


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As you will see in the following two videos the pods recieve body filler treatment and are then wrapped.

I wanted to fill some of these gaps:

So I protected the panel:

Applied body filler:

So now there is extra:

Once I sanded it down things looked a lot better:

I then prepped the rings for vinyl by running them on the rabbeting bit:

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