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Can I use small wire gauge from stock HU to high-level inputs because of low current?

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Did some googling/DIYMA searches and couldn’t find much on this.

Knowing that an amp’s speaker wires require a thicker AWG because of the higher current, if you’re just sending that signal to the high-level inputs of an amplifier (or in my case a DSP) instead of the speakers, don’t these inputs have a high impedance, meaning low current, meaning you can use much thinner wire? Would I be fine using say, 18 or even 20 AWG wire for this?

I bet the answer is universal but if it helps, my stock HU outputs ~220W (no idea how that’s distributed amongst the speakers) and my DSP spec says its high-level inputs have an impedance of 180 ohms.
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@Holmz math is completely accurate!

If you’re simply asking whether you can use the factory wire - yes.

Many, including myself, use the OEM wire with aftermarket speakers and aftermarket amps as with the power we’re discussing to mids /highs the benefits from moving to a larger wire is negligible. With that in mind using ORM wire to feed your DSP isn’t an issue.

Are you creating a build log?


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