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Got into car audio at age 16 when neighbor dropped Orion powered Kicker boxes in his Jimmy and rattled our house with Easy E, I was hooked. Im now 48 and everything has changed but the rattle of the licence plate.

Over the years I have always been in touch with music. (Only post where I can talk about myself, right??)

*Classically trained percussionist from age 5, was also the school DJ from JRHS on up.
*Oldschool techno DJ record hoarder from early 90s to late 00s
*I have always had a sub in my car of some sort, while I've tried others, sealed 10s have always been my favorite
*I have Mackie HR824s on my home studio along with Ableton Suite
*I have always though ported boxes sounded "too loose" for the tight techno bass I like although the pro sound guy in me thinks that is a bad reason to not like ported boxes, Mackie 824s have passive radiators FWIW
*I like clean powerful sound systems but don't listen to "mellow/chill/nuanced" music in the car, always loud stuff.
*Im an IATSE stagehand "A" card sound guy but lighting is my main gig.... means nothing other than I use speakers daily for work.

*In the old days it was gold, DDD CDs, now the source of sound isn't easy for me.... the MUSIC that I like the most is 99% Youtube. I also like to stream radio from other countries.

My current stable of cars includes 2 Honda Elements and 2 1gen Honda Insights. My current Insight project is also my car audio project. here are a few of the odd good and bad things about it pertaining to the sound.

I want to mount 6.5s in the dash facing windshield because the car is long and skinny, which means the dash is long and the door panels touch your arms because the are close to your body

Car is all aluminum, I am running a grounding tree to include a copper path to all grounding points.

This car has a 2.0 engine swap as well as the hybrid battery and all of the related components being removed. LOTs of audio gear space in a very tiny car

I am considering a free air sub setup (vented to atmosphere) with four 12s.

Back in the day I love all the typical brands, Kicker, JL, RF.... I owned an HK-TC300 at one point

today with the google by my side I have picked 2 brands based on reviews that are no frills, high quality to dollar ratio
Image Dynamics for speakers and D'amore amplifiers.

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this is what's back there now (two JL10w3s), all coming out (going into my Element daily), even where the spare sits now all the way back its under the stock trunk/floor line and will appear stock

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Howdy and welcome...I still run CD's in my 2019 Honda...
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