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Can't decide

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I need help deciding between subs.

I have narrowed my choices down to:

1 JL Audio 12" W6v3 or 2 JL Audio 12" W3v3 or 1 JBL W12GTi MkII.

All options are roughly the same price. I will construct a custom ported box for all.

I am after an option that digs deep, with pretty decent sound quality.

Slightly leaning towards dual W3v3. But need to know the 2 W3v3 (lower cost subs) could get as low and slam as hard as a W6v3 or W12GTi MkII.
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Cone area usually always wins 2 12's will be louder than a single 12. As for being able to play low the w6 wins in this department.
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