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I installed a new Alpine SHS-N252 IR wireless transmitter and headphones into my van for a rear entertainment system for the kids. For some reason I am getting a horrible whine from the engine (pitch changes with engine RPM). The DVD player is routed to both the head unit and headphones. I only get the whine when listening through the headphones. Everything else is fine.

I don't think it is the RCA cables. I have hooked up the transmitter power to an external battery and I don't get the whine. Additionally, I have swapped out the RCA cables and I get the same whine effect. Everything else is hooked up the same so I think it has to be coming from the power or ground.

So far I have tried:
  • Rewiring head unit, DVD player and transmitter to common ground.
  • Installing a noise filter in line with the transmitter (parts express)

Neither solution has helped. Am I missing anything? Any suggestions?
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