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hi i am trying to calc the cap values i need ... and i must just be dumb.

i have 3.5"s coaxs rated 120Hz - 22kHz (i suppose i want to block below 120hz) << what value capacitor?

i have 6x9s 3ways rated at 48Hz - 22kHz << i suppose i want to block below 48Hz >> which value cap?

all @ 4 ohms ... aftermarket HU ... im mostly concerned about the 3.5" s ... i dont want them thin, im not adding subwoofer, just want them to function at the hz level they were designed for and dont want the 3.5"s handling the 48Hz to 120Hz range, that the 6x9s are built to handle

seems i need this for the 3.5" to block below 120Hz

seem right? 320uF

for blocking below 48Hz ... calc shows 828uF ... .000828

how is this written 8.2? largest value i see on partsxp is 500uF

any help, including checking my math, mucho appreciated

if this is simple calc for you, please help an idiot whos baffled still, after typing values into the online calcs lol .. thanks, mike
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