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Hey there guys,

I’m getting in touch with everybody to let you know about an exciting new iOS app currently in development, Car Audio Deck for iPhone and iPod touch.

The idea for the app is quite simple, at a time when the major car audio deck manufacturers are scrambling to integrate smart phones into their decks, I’ve flipped the script and integrated the car audio deck into the smart phone : )

Quick facts about the app:

• Simple, bold, ‘real deck style’ design created especially for in-car use.
• Audio playback of all music on your iPhone and iPod Touch.
• Customisable deck face plates including silver and black.
• User friendly vibration and sound feedback when buttons tapped.
• Portrait and landscape mode supported.
• Settings panel with multiple setting options.
• Volume goes up to 11.
• Available in the App Store March 2012.

Check out the website and Facebook for more info and/or to register your interest:


[email protected]

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