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Thats the point. You don't just pay these shops a premium pricefor their time or install.
You pay them to get in your brand new 100,000 dollar vehicle. Take panels off that are not designed to ever come off I might add.
In some cases cut and solder inside of. Think about the liability just a solder gun has inside of a vehicle.
If you burn or even scorch the carpet or God forbid touch a plastic panel.....
That can be a mistake that there is no fix for. Ever try finding a something like the bottom trim of a newer BMW dash? It's damn near impossible.
You pay them take all that liability. Then turn it into responsibility and complete an install that where if you were on the outside looking in the car it would look untouched.
All the the customer are not responsible for the scratch on the door window button that his wife probably did with her big ass ring 5 seconds after she sat in the car and put her shoes all over the door sills that just got waxed.
That's what you pay for guys.
This 100 percent. Also add in the warranty piece. For certain equipment I know you save money going online and purchasing and doing it yourself but we all know the hassle when something dies. The older I get, the more value I place on a "good" shop saying "we put that in, no problem we will deal with that" A few years back, I had an amp die outside of warranty. The shop that installed it did me a solid and basically said we put it in there and know you. They swapped the amp out no questions and dealt with the company on the back end. If I self installed, I would have been SOL. Now, on my sons 2008 trailblazer, we are doing everything in the driveway. I recently broke a clip trying to figure out how to pry a panel off. It sucked, but the two of us were able to find a trailblazer in the junkyard, learn how to pull the panel correctly and get a replacement.
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