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I just noticed that B&W have some interesting looking ceiling mount systems with built in enclosures that just need an 8.1" cut out. They have adjustable tweeters as well, and although I've not personally heard their home speakers, I've certainly heard a lot of good things.

I just wondered if anyone has tried just dropping a set of these kind of drivers in a car door with a decent mounting technique and if so, what they're results were.

Heres one set that I ran across: - Bowers & Wilkins CCM 65 Ceiling-Mount Speakers (pair) | eBay

I know its hardly DIY in terms of DIY speakers, but I've always thought of this as a DIY site for ALL aspects of car audio - not simply a site for those that wanted to try and get better results for less money by using lower cost individual driver combinations.

Jim aka Less
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