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Hi everyone! I live out here in Korea and have had my fair share of not understanding what installers are talking about (language barrier)...
I recently had an install done and a few days later the sub was up in smoke!

I'm curious as to what went wrong and and now I'm ready to roll up my sleeves and start installing the components on my own.

So here's the deal...

1 x Celestra DA2K monoblock amp (4ohm/600wrms, 2ohm/1,300wrms, 1ohm/2,100wrms)
1 x Oz Audio 12" ME DVC 650wrms (not sure if its 2ohm or 4ohm)

Sub had each voice coil hooked up to each set of outs on the amp...
So my question is.... If it was a 2ohm sub then that would mean it had 1,300watts going to it? That'd be double it's rating, enough to get it smoking?
If it was a 4ohm sub then it would have 600watts powered to it when its rated a 650...

Anyone familar with Oz Audio 12" ME subs to know if it was a 4ohm or 2ohm???
Possible to check with meter even after it's blown?

Look forward to the feedback!
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