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I asked this in another thread but it was not the time nor the place for it :) I plan on running a center channel and I've been curious about different setup options and am curious if there would be any difference in performance, if one configuration might have an advantage over another or one of the ways below might be a huge no-no...
I have a huge 5 x 8 area to work with. Currently i have a couple of drivers laying around that might work: set of Morel ccwr254's, Focal - ACCESS 165 AS3; 3" drivers from the ES 165 KX3. But i am open to getting any other speakers that would work .
  1. a pair of speakers running off two separate channels
  2. Tweeter & Mid combo (Separate Channels)
  3. Single Speaker - Single Channel
To drive the center i have two open channels of one of the Helix C4's and i am using a DSP Ultra to do the up-mixing of the center. While playing with the software for the DSP it looks like it supports any of the above ideas.

Thanks in advance for your input
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