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got a question for the ms-8 guys.. I getting 2- 4 channel amps to run the system in my car, speakers consist of the following, front doors house a 1 inch arc black tweet, i ran wires into the doors for these speakers, also in the door are a 4 inch scan 12w/4524g00, then the ususal underseat 8s tried 8 different drivers and the sws are the best of what i have tried.. might cut a 6inch hole in the cars floor and try the audiofrog 8 in that stupid tiny box, and center channel one 3 inch fountek fr88 and one oem tweeter with a cap on the tweeter.. What iam thinking of doing is to run one of the amps like this, ch 1 and 2 stereo to the door tweeters and channel 3 and 4 bridged to one underseat 8, the second 4 channel same idea but the door 4 inch speakers and bridged underseat 8... The amps are 65 watts rms @4ohms and 110 watts bridged.. i want to run the center channel off of the ms-8s built in amp... SOOOOOOO will this work or will there not be enough power in the ms-8 to make the front stage work? No sub for now maybe this winter i will put one in the front pass side foot well area..
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